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The fastest and easiest way to find a person is to perform a people search using Google searches. You can find a lot of info about a person by simply entering the name of the person you hope to locate.

When searching to find information on a person with a generic last name like Jones or Jones, enter as much of the name that you have on hand and use quotation marks. Also enter additional search terms for the city or any other information that may be related to the person.

Try different terms and information about a person that may be useful to identify them. It may take several attempts to find what you need, so don't get frustrated. Examples of searches you may need to try:

"John D. Jones"                              "Jane E. Smith" (502) 886-
"Jones, John D."                             "John D. Jones" KY 42240
"John D. Jones" Exxon Corp           "Jane Smith" Sunset Blvd
"Jane E. Smith" Cadiz, KY               "John D. Jones" New York
"Jane Smith" FL Beach Club

Another search method to find a person is to perform a people search with the meta search tool Copernic. You can download a free version at the Copernic website.


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